Why Rewilding Britain?

Our partnership with Rewilding Britain is a unique opportunity for you to join a fast-paced and growing organisation who are tackling the climate and biodiversity crises head-on. 

If you have a passion for the environment, saving species and protecting habitats, this could be a brilliant opportunity to help the planet and make a real difference. This small conservation charity was founded in 2015 with the aim of challenging existing conservation practices and championing rewilding as a viable land management option. Though a small team, the impact that it has had over the last 7 years is significant, and it hopes to achieve even more with the addition of this newest leadership position.

"Rewilding takes a holistic approach and looks at the health of the wider landscape. It recognises the power of nature to heal itself and work in its own way as it has for millennia. It helps deliver multiple benefits for people – including reduced flood risk, better water quality, carbon storage, health and well-being, and thriving communities. If we can give nature the space it needs, and help only where it needs it, we’ll be rewarded with a healthier planet, healthier people and a more sustainable future."

To learn more about the Chief Operating Officer role that we are partnering with Rewilding Britain on, click the advert at the bottom of the page.